My research is inspired by hidden stories. Some are simply obscured by passing time like the ivy-clad mounds of a medieval castle. Some are hidden in plain sight; a building so familiar that none stop to wonder why or how it came to be there. But others are lost in the footnotes of traditional histories, people whose lives are overshadowed by more demanding narratives. These are the stories I tell.


I am currently researching some neglected aspects of nineteenth-century emigration, with an extensive study of the experiences of Cornish wives ‘left behind’ by their migrating husbands. This research has highlighted the potential for greater use by academic researchers of the databases and resources developed for and by family historians – something that I wil be exploring further.


My long-standing interest in local history had led to involvement with Heritage Lottery-funded projects, researching Ruyton XI Towns Castle in Shropshire and the Town Clock in St Day, Cornwall.


I also undertake family and house history research and archive work for private clients.


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