My interest in family history was triggered many years ago when I was given the photo of my great grandparents that features at the top of this page. Since then my involvement with genealogy and researching the homes that our ancestors lived in has been both personal and professional. The experience and skills I have acquired have proved invaluable in my academic research, as well as helping others explore their own family stories.


I am particularly interested in how academic historians can use the methods and resources developed for, and by, family and local historians to examine different aspects of social history. There is enormous potential for far greater collaboration between academia and the vast network of family and local history groups and individuals who are generating a wealth of detailed information on past lives through their own research and crowd-sourced projects. I hope in my work to demonstrate the benefits of exchanging knowledge, ideas and practices between all those with an interest in history.

More detailed information on my research services will be coming to the website soon - in the meantime, please contact me if you would like to know more or want to discuss your research needs.


With over 35 years' experience in of genealogical and archive research offer a wide range of services to help tell your story:

  • Family History

  • House History

  • Research for Heritage & Arts Projects

  • Private and Estate Archive Cataloguing

  • Talks

Located in Cornwall and with a PhD in Cornish Studies focusing on emigration and the transnational nature of Cornish families, I specialise in helping those wanting to explore their roots in Cornwall.

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