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My interest in family history was triggered many years ago when I was given the photo of my great grandparents that features at the top of this page. That was over 40 years ago and since then my involvement with genealogy and researching the homes that our ancestors lived in has been both personal and professional. The experience and skills I have acquired have proved invaluable in my academic research, as well as helping others explore their own family stories. I am an Associate of AGRA, the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives, which promotes high professional standards in genealogy and historical research in England & Wales.


How does commissioning research into your family or house work?

I offer a free initial consultation of up to 1 hour by phone, email exchange or in person to discuss the client’s requirements and what, if any, research has already been done.


It is advisable for the client to supply details of what is already known, however little, as thoroughly and accurately as possible to provide a sound starting point for the research, as this will avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Please note that fees are charged for time spent in research, not by results. Although it is unlikely that I won’t be able to add to the information known and supplied, there is no guarantee of that being possible due to the limitations of surviving historical records. This possibility will be discussed in the initial consultation.


My research services are charged at £25 per hour, which includes:

  • Office-based preparation and research using online and published resources.

  • Research time spent in examining original sources viewed in, or acquired as copies from, archives.

  • Production of reports and family trees.


Additional charges 

I do not charge for travel time or expenses incurred in visits to Kresen Kernow (Cornwall’s Record Office) or other archives in mid- or West Cornwall undertaken as part of commissions of over £75 (3 hours duration). Shorter visits may incur travel expenses if they cannot be combined with visits for other clients, but these will not be charged without advance consultation with the client.


In order to carry out the research, it may be necessary or advisable to visit more distant archives incurring additional travel time and expenses, but this will only be undertaken after consultation with and agreement from the client.


Costs incurred in obtaining certificates, photocopies and photography permits will be charged at cost.


Reports and family trees are supplied as pdfs or simple printed copies. An additional fee will be charged for any special bindings or formats requested for printed reports and family trees.



A deposit may be requested for larger research projects.


Payment is required in Pounds Sterling and should be made by bank transfer using the details given on the invoice. All charges to be paid by the client. Payment by other methods may be possible by agreement.


Payment in full will be required before reports or documentation are released to the client.


Located in Cornwall and with a PhD in Cornish Studies focusing on emigration and the transnational nature of the Cornish people, I have a good understanding of how the Cornish people migrated around the world and specialise in helping those wanting to explore their roots back in Cornwall.

Contact me for further details

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