Beyond the Names
- The stories of the men commemorated on St Day War Memorial
From tunnelling miners and Cornish emigrants in the First World War to an escaping prisoner of war and an airline pilot in the Second, this booklet tells the touching and sometimes surprising stories of the men from St Day in Cornwall recorded on the community's war memorial. (2016)
Selected articles
The Other Channel Islands - a dip into the varied history of the small islands in the Bristol Channel.
Book chapters
Desperate? Destitute? Deserted? Questioning perceptions of miners' wives in Cornwall during the great emigration, 1851-1891
in Cornish Studies 19, edited by Philip Payton (University of Exeter Press, 2011)
'Husband Abroad': Quantifying spousal separation associated with emigration in nineteenth-century Cornwall
in Cornish Studies 20, edited by Philip Payton (University of Exeter Press, 2012)
The Married Widows of Cornwall
- The story of the wives 'left behind' by emigration
One of the untold stories of 19th century emigration from Cornwall is that of the thousands of wives ‘left behind’ by men leaving to work overseas. The Married Widows of Cornwall explores the lives of these unsung heroines of many a Cornish family. (2018) Read more


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