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What people are saying about

The Married Widows of Cornwall  


Gorsedh Kernow

Holyer an Gof Publishers' Award nominee 2019

"... a most engaging book, packed with fascinating stories and glimpses into past lives. It illuminates the functioning of a society under a particular sort of strain

and documents many different reactions and outcomes... whether you have Cornish ancestry or not, this book is well worth reading."

Genealogists' Magazine, March 2020

"...a volume to be heartily welcomed. It throws new light on the important topic of the Great Emigration and on the difficult lives of women and children in the mining communities... will be required reading for all those interested in nineteenth-century Cornwall."

Isobel Harvey, Cornwall Association of Local Historians Journal, Spring 2019

"...a fascinating read and an excellent in-depth study, highlighting an aspect of Cornwall's mining history that is rarely considered in such detail."

D.S, Amazon purchaser, April 2019

" interesting read and for anyone with Cornish ancestry whether they have close relatives or not this book will give you a feeling and different perspective on Cornish life for so many."

Amazon purchaser, February 2019

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