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Humble History shares the work of historian, genealogist and writer

Dr Lesley Trotter

who has a special interest in exploring hidden aspects of history, teasing out extraordinary stories from the often mundane records of the everyday lives of people in the past.


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My research is inspired by hidden stories. Some are simply obscured by passing time like the ivy-clad mounds of a medieval castle. Some are hidden in plain sight; a building so familiar that none stop to wonder why or how it came to be there. But others are lost in the footnotes of traditional histories, people whose lives are overshadowed by more demanding narratives. These are the stories I tell.

Much of my work uses family history research methods to explore aspects of Cornish history. Recent projects include research on neglected aspects of nineteenth century emigration with an extensive study of the experiences of Cornish wives ‘left behind’ by their migrating husbands, resulting in the publication of The Married Widows of Cornwall

Click on the images below to read about my latest projects and publications.

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With over 40 years' experience in genealogy and archive research I offer a wide range of services to help tell your story:

As a genealogist in Cornwall with a PhD in Cornish Studies focusing on emigration and the transnational nature of Cornish families, I specialise in helping those wanting to explore their roots west of the Tamar. Click the 'Ask AGRA' podcast link above for advice on commissioning research from abroad.

Want to know more about how I can help you discover your family history? Click here.

For other types of research, 

contact me to discuss your project.

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