Humble History shares the work of historian and writer

Dr Lesley Trotter

who has a special interest in exploring hidden aspects of history, teasing out extraordinary stories from the often mundane records of the everyday lives of people in the past.


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St Day Old Church

The ruined old church in St Day, Cornwall was recently bought on behalf of the community by the St Day Old Church CIC, and is undergoing conservation work to open it up as a outdoor venue for heritage, arts and community events. I am currently researching the history of this fascinating building and its connections to the Cornish diaspora. Read more about St Day Old Church project

Cornish wives 'left behind'

In the 19th century many thousands of wives remained in Cornwall while their husbands worked abroad, and I am continuing the research that led to my PhD to explore their experiences and tell their stories. Read more

Remembering the war dead of St Day

As part of a Heritage Lottery Funded project to restore Town Clock in St Day, Cornwall, I am leading a project to research history of this local landmark and the names of the individuals commemorated on the war memorial that forms part of the building. Read more

Hidden treasures from a solicitor's office

A project to catalogue the unknown contents of a large number of archive boxes for a private client is turning into an on-going adventure in history. Opening the next box may reveal anything from an early medieval deed, manorial records, an unusual legal document or the more mundane ephemera of past lives. Read more about my archive services


Lesley is a historian, writer and genealogist. She has a PhD from the University of Exeter and is an Associate of the Institute of Cornish Studies...          Read more


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