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Stories of the war dead of St Day, Cornwall revealed in new booklet

My research into the lives of all the men commemorated on the war memorial in the Cornish community of St Day has been published in a new booklet. Beyond the Names tells the touching, and sometimes surprising, stories of the men with a St Day connection who died in the two World Wars.

The research reveals a fascinating variety of experiences. There are miner pals who joined up together in the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and then went on to serve in the important 251st Tunnelling Company of the Royal Engineers, emigrants from local families who enlisted in South Africa, Canada and New Zealand, and a talented amateur artist who went down with his ship during the Battle of Jutland.

The booklet also tells the stories of the local men lost in the Second World War, including a POW shot trying to escape and an airline pilot killed whilst ferrying aircrew to Canada.

Beyond the Names is available priced £1.50 (+p&p).


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